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Leader in the production of systems for processing and storage of food liquids in the pharmaceutical, food, wine, chemical and cosmetic sectors: the company is active throughout the world.
The world speaks Albrigi Technologies and Albrigi Technologies speaks the world. All continents are in the Albrigi Technologies portfolio, for all treatment and storage sectors, or for some in particular. European Union, South America (Brazil, Mexico in the first place), South Africa, Far East, Australia, Eastern Europe (with Russia in the forefront of food and wine), North America (USA for oenology and food, Canada for food). Where there is treatment and / or qualified storage there must be Albrigi Tecnologie. Designs and builds stainless steel plants, stainless steel tanks, tanks, vats, stainless steel containers, fermenters, stirrers, wine tanks, ripeners, soft drinks, stainless steel tanks, oenology accessories, fusers. It works stainless steel, AISI 304 and AISI 316

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